Shapers S.P.F Thruster Set – Small


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Speed. Power. Flow. Welcome to the S.P.F. If you are after speed and continuous flow to link multiple turns together, S.P.F is a wise fin choice for you. Positioned in the Carve Fin Class due to a raked outline that’s promotes drive and accommodates rail surfing and sweeping turns, S.P.F will perform at the highest level.

Featuring a progressive flex pattern with refined fin tips that deliver speed and release off the top,. Designed in Shapers® premium ultra-lite AIRLITE construction featuring a medium flex pattern.

Compatible with FCS Fin Systems


Medium: 60-75kgs

Side Base: 115mm | 4.52″
Side Depth: 114mm | 4.48″
Side Sweep: 34.75°
Side Foil: Flat
Area: 9,219.34mm² | 14.29″²